Our Mission
The purpose of the ForABL project is to provide reliable information in the field of Forex and currency trading supported by knowledge and experience. We believe that thanks to our support, more and more people will be able to use the acquired knowledge effectively and make choices based on understanding of data analysis.
"Forecasting is a very difficult field, especially when it comes to the future!" 
- Professor Martijn Konings
George Meyers
Journalist, economist and author
The knowledge we share here is substantial, and I cannot express how much I would have liked to find such a source years ago, taking my first steps. Starting small, I hope our project will evolve over time and reach those who are passionate about building financial freedom with Forex. 

While I intend to continue providing this content for free, I sometimes include useful affiliate links to other tools and resources that I use and recommend. If you decide to buy using my links, I may receive a small commission (which does not affect the final price and may even lower it).

Finally, remember that no success comes overnight, and learning Forex to the level that allows you to live off it requires time and diligence. For those of you who dare, I will support you on this path!
~ George
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